Investigations underway into referee hit during football game

Three investigations have been launched after a member of the crew refereeing a game between Marble Falls and San Antonio John Jay High Schools was hit from behind by two players.

It happened Friday night at the Marble Falls High School football stadium. By Saturday, video of the incident was posted on YouTube and what took place became a national example of unsportsmanlike behavior.

Two players from John Jay High School blindsided an official who was in the midfield umpire's position. The ref is from the Austin area. The extent of his injuries is not known.

Those who saw it happen tell FOX 7 they believe the attack was an act of retaliation by the visiting team players.

"I was really paying attention to the game, cause they were getting pretty nasty after the first ejection of the player.  Watched and he intentionally hit and the guy coming behind him intentionally hit the ref once he was down," said Michelle Jewett who was at the game Friday.

A hearing is set to be held Tuesday regarding the incident by administrators with Northside ISD.  Investigations have also been launched by the state agency that governs high school football as well as the Marble Falls Police Department.

"I don’t think they should ever come back on the field.  You just can’t do that kind of thing," said Reece Whitley who has a son on the Marble Falls JV team.

The umpire has requested that his identity not be revealed at this time. FOX 7 has been told that he will meet with attorneys on Tuesday and a decision on criminal charges may be made in the next few days.