Iron Works BBQ thanks first responders

Iron Works BBQ, a local barbecue establishment in downtown Austin, is offering free food the first responders with the Austin Police Department, the FBI, and ATF as a thank you for all their hard work following the death of the suspected serial bomber. 

The restaurant sent a tweet out on Wednesday, March 21 offering "free lunch to any and all" officers.

According to officials, 23-year-old bombing suspect Mark Conditt of Pflugerville, Texas blew himself up overnight as a SWAT team closed in on him. His motives for the bombings remain unknown. 

There have been multiple explosions since March 2 that killed two people and wounded four others. 

Originally an ornamental Iron Work shop owned and operated by the Weigl family on Red River Street, the little tin building was converted into The Iron Works BBQ in 1978.