Is Floyd feeling too confident about McGregor?

The McGregor vs Mayweather fight is only a few days away from taking place on Saturday, August 26th, and you may be doing more to prepare than Floyd Mayweather!


Floyd Mayweather is prepping for the big fight by partying with strippers at his gentlemen’s club in Las Vegas called Girl Collection. ESPN reports:


“He said he will be at the club every night leading up to the fight, giving fans willing to pay the $50 cover fee, which doesn’t include a two-drink minimum that pushes the admission price around $100, a chance to see him in person during fight week.”


Wondering what food he’s eating to fuel up? Burger King.

UFC Embedded caught Floyd Mayweather mocking Conor McGregor with a Whopper in hand.


As for McGregor, his Instagram shows no signs of him taking a rest as he posted a training picture only two days ago.


Will strippers and Burger King be the real winners on Saturday? Only time will tell.