It’s down to the final four on ‘The Masked Singer’ after the Russian Dolls get unmasked

The Russian Dolls on the fifth season of "The Masked Singer," have maybe been the most difficult contestant to guess in the entire series, mostly because no one has been able to tell exactly how many singers are inside the costume. 

The show’s panelists have offered an array of guesses from music duo Avil Lavigne & Chad Kroeger to members of the R&B vocal group, 98 Degrees. 

But after a long and grueling competition, the Russian Dolls were finally ousted in the final five. 

After weeks of anticipation, it was finally revealed to the audience that 90’s icons and pop superstars, the Hanson brothers were under the costumes. 

Isaac, Tayor and Zac Hanson teamed up for some unforgettable performances and totally fooled the audience.

The band, famous for their hit single, "MMMBop," said they knew they were going to be the first group in the series, so it was important they make the most of it. 

Hanson said throwing the judges off regarding their numbers added to the fun of participating in the competition. 

And while they won’t make it to the final four, they said simply being in the competition was a doll. 

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