Johnson County bank robbery chase reaches speeds of 150mph

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Police chased a bank robbery suspect though Johnson County Thursday afternoon at dramatic and dangerous speeds.

The driver was Michael DeWayne Bailey, 41, and the passenger in the speedy red Hyundai was Megan Lynn Bailey – his 19-year-old daughter.

Sheriff Bob Alford said the chase started after the father robbed the Grandview State Bank in Grandview.

Police say Michael Bailey walked into the bank dressed in black pants, a black leather jacket and a bandana over his face, while Megan was outside in the car, waiting.

Detectives say Michael Bailey had a semiautomatic pistol and demanded money; then jumped up over the counter alongside the tellers and helped himself to the cash.

When Michael Bailey walked out, police say citizens out front thought he looked suspicious, called 911 and followed Bailey to get his license plate number.

Grandview Police caught up with Michael and Megan, and the chase was on.

Officers from several different departments followed his Hyundai into Ellis County. At one point, the car was going about 150 miles per hour, Sheriff Alford said.

The chase stretched through Alvarado, up into Mansfield and then down toward Arlington and Grand Prairie. It finally ended when the car stopped on a dirt road just off Highway 360 north of Highway 287 when the car went into a ditch.

Officers took the father and daughter into custody.

The father faces a charge of aggravated robbery and evading arrest. His bond has been set at $500,000. The daughter faces an aggravated robbery charge, but only has a $25,000 bond.

"Her involvement was that she was in a vehicle and her dad, who committed the robbery, he told her that he planned to rob a bank but she didn't know that she was going to do that right then and there,” said Chief Curran Massey with the Grandview Police Department.  

As residents in the small town of Grandview learned about the bold mid-day crime, they described it as a disturbing reality.

"It's more sad than it is surprising,” said Grandview resident Nita Redmon. “We're not as country as we thought we were. We're on the edge of the growth of Dallas-Fort Worth, and this is not something that happens every day in Grandview."

No one was hurt during either the robbery or the chase.


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