Judge gives Shana Elliott 14 years and jail-time on crime anniversaries

Shana Elliott was brought into Hays County Judge Jack Robison's courtroom on Thursday in a dark jumpsuit, bound by chains. 7 years or 14 years: it was the Judge's call.

Elliott's attorney fought for the lesser sentence. But Judge Robison said after much thought and prayer, running the jury's two 7-year sentences consecutively was the "right thing to do."

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"Meaning the second sentence on count 3 will not begin to run until count 2 is completed.  So she'll have to make parole on count 2 before count 3's 7-years will begin," said Hays County District Attorney Wes Mau. Mau says Elliott's probation will run at the same time.

Even if Elliott is released on parole in about 4 years, Judge Robison made sure she would still be paying for the crime with jail time. "The Judge did assess a jail sentence to be served on the anniversary of the event and I believe what he has done is he is essentially going to require her to remain in jail on the anniversary of the day Mrs. Guerrero went into the hospital and the day that her child was pronounced dead," Mau said. 

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To recap, in August of 2016, Elliott had been to the river with friends when she crossed the center line on Highway 21 in San Marcos and hit another vehicle head-on.

In that vehicle...Kristian Guerrero and her husband Fabian.  

Both Fabian and Kristian's unborn child were killed.  

Guerrero spoke directly to Elliott during the trial.

"You are so much more than a poor girl with a bad childhood, you are so much more than just a stupid girl that can't learn from her bad decisions.  You're a murderer and thief, you stole my life, and you handed me a life sentence that day," Guerrero said last month.

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District Attorney Mau says Judge Robison made the right call Thursday.

FOX 7 did speak with Elliott's attorney off-camera.  

He describes his client as a "good kid" who got drunk.  

But as the D.A. points out, there are serious consequences for driving drunk. "You can cause deaths, you can cause utter havoc and destruction to a family like this and that alone should convince people to think twice about drinking and driving much less having to serve up to 14 years in prison," Mau said.