Judge pushes back start of Mark Norwood trial

A Travis County Judge pushes back the murder trial of Mark Norwood. Norwood, 60, is charged with the 1988 murder of Debra Baker.

Both sides were scheduled for trial in February but Judge Julie Kocurek pushed the date back at the request of the attorneys. They say they need more time to go through the evidence and are waiting on additional DNA testing.

Norwood is serving a life sentence for the 1986 murder of Christine Morton. Prosecutors say there are similarities between the two crimes and are trying to show that Norwood killed Baker.

The latest delay is a setback but not a surprise for the Baker family.

"It's going to be 27 years tomorrow. It's a long time to wait," said Caitlin Baker, 30. As time passes Baker grows more concerned about her grandmother making it to the new trial date. "My mother's mother is 91 and at this point she doesn't expect to see the end of this and we need her to see the end of this," said Baker.

She's spent most of her life searching for answers in her mother's death. "Every time we have to come to court it's a disappointment so I'm used to the disappointment now but I'm really tired of it," Baker added outside the courtroom Monday.

Judge Kocurek set a pre-trial hearing for June and a trial date in September. Attorneys say they have finished about 40 percent of the discovery process.