Jury to determine verdict in Christopher Taylor trial

An Austin jury will begin the process of determining a verdict on Monday in a controversial officer-involved shooting

The shooting happened in April 2020 when a call about a man possibly using drugs and holding a gun in a Southeast Austin apartment complex parking lot turned deadly.

A video from a witness captures Michael Ramos saying, "I don't go no **** gun, dog." Body cam video shows officers firing a bean bag at him, a less-lethal weapon. Then Ramos tries to drive off.
That’s when Taylor fires three times and hits Ramos in the head.

FOX 7 Austin talked to Ramos' mom following the shooting.

"I can't accept the way he shot him from his head three times down to his back," said Brenda Ramos. "I wasn't going to be able to see him at the funeral home."

Police told FOX 7 they had more video from a vehicle closer to Ramos' car. They said it shows a different angle.

"The video you saw today tells one story, but in context and with other video it tells a completely different story," said Ken Cassady, the former Austin Police Association president. "There are other people in that chain down to the left where the car is closest to that I believe the evidence shows that they were in fear for their life."

The case has already sparked controversy with protests. It will likely continue to see more attention as the trial begins.


"This is one of the biggest trials in the history of Austin, Texas," said Adam Loewy, the owner of Loewy Law Firm. "This is the first trial that anyone can remember where a police officer is on trial for murder."

Taylor is also facing murder charges in connection with another officer-involved shooting, nine months before Ramos' death

Police were responding to a call for Dr. Mauris DeSilva, who was having a mental health crisis. They claimed he walked towards them with a knife.

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