K-9 units train at DKR Stadium at University of Texas

Police dogs were seen Wednesday searching sections of U.T.’s DKR stadium.

Typically, the competition inside DKR takes place on the gridiron but Wednesday the challenge involved K-9 teams that could be seen in the stands and in the corridors of the stadium. They were searching for a dangerous explosive known as TATP.

"It’s easy to come by,” said UTPD Lt. Robert Stock.

TATP was placed in the stadium by experts with the FBI because it’s highly flammable, so volatile that static electricity can set it off.         

It’s believed the homemade substance was recently used in the bombs that were set off in Paris and in Brussels. It’s hard to detect because it typically doesn't give off an odor that people can smell.

"The dog has a sense that is a million times better than a human, and when he understands this is something he will get reward for, then he knows for good 6 to 12 months this is something he is going to let us know that it’s not supposed to be here,” said Lt. Stock.

The K-9 teams were from Austin, San Antonio as well as DPS and the TSA.

This is the 2nd time DKR has been used for this type of exercise, for some of those taking part it’s their first time to be exposed to this type of explosive.

UTPD Sgt Eric Johanson and his partner, Jarno- were among the 30 teams taking part in the training exercise.

"His primary function on campus is to look for explosives, but he is also trained to find evidence and apprehend violent criminals."

On game days, the K-9 teams just may be the best defensive units in the stadium.