Leap Day baby born to mother also born on a Leap Day

Michael Paik, baby Chloe and mom Kai Sun (Duke Health)

Dr. Kai Sun celebrated her 10th birthday in leap years last week with the most special of gifts: a baby girl born on the same rare day as her mother.

According to Duke Health in Durham, North Carolina, baby Chloe Paik was due on Feb. 26, and Sun was scheduled to be induced on the 24th. Then, Sun and her husband Michael Paik had "this silly idea."

"What if she’s born on the same day as me?" Sun said in a Duke Health YouTube video announcing the special birth.

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Chloe was a few days past her due date when doctors induced labor for Kai. 

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"This is probably the best birthday I’ve had in memory, and she is the most precious birthday gift I could imagine," Sun said.

Sun is a rheumatologist who gave birth to Chloe in the hospital where she worked. Sun and her daughter join the roughly 5 million leap day babies known as leaplings. According to Fox Weather, there is only a 1 in 1,461 chance of giving birth on Feb. 29.

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Several countries have laws that help determine when a person on Feb. 29 officially turns a year older. For example, those who live in the United Kingdom observe leap year birthdays on March 1, while those in the U.S. observe the date on Feb. 28.

Support groups like the Honor Society of Leap Year Day Babies have grown throughout the years and are described as a place where those who share the same birthdays can connect and share experiences.

FOX’s Austin Williams contributed to this report.