Newlyweds pose for epic wedding photos as thunderstorm looms: 'How is this real?'

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Newlyweds Trapper and MaKayla Shore took epic wedding photos as a thunderstorm approached. (Ashley Patton Photography LLC, Midwest)

Most people would flee as a thunderstorm approaches, but for Kansas photographer Ashley Patton, she saw a quick opportunity to snap wedding photos for newlyweds Trapper and MaKayla Shore.

The end result was nothing short of phenomenal, producing some unique wedding photos that have since received national attention. 

The Shores, both 18 years old, recently got married in Viola, Kansas. 

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The weather that day had a mind of its own. 

"It started off sunny and hot, roughly 90 degrees, with strong winds but quickly became very stormy," Trapper, a member of the U.S. Air Force, told FOX Television Stations.  


Newlyweds Trapper and MaKayle Shore took epic wedding photos as a thunderstorm approached. (Credit: Ashley Patton Photography LLC, Midwest)

The couple had been taking photos all day, but as the thunderstorm came closer, Patton wanted to snap a few more pictures. 

To add to the ominous effect, Trapper's brother offered to start up his Mustang to provide an additional special effect with his headlights, creating a smoke effect. 

"The way that the wind blew and the way that the car was sitting behind us… the layout was perfect," Patton told FOX Television Stations. "It just worked out so perfect."

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"I had hardly any editing to do," she added. 

The "stormy" photo session took only a few minutes.

"We were stunned by them," Trapper said once he saw the final photos. 

The couple believes the contrast between the blissful event and the dark clouds could be symbolic of their relationship.

"Being a military wife, the stormy photos represent what challenges we will face as a couple, but we will have those because the day started out great, turned stormy, then cleared up and was a great night!" MaKayla said."

Patton thinks she knows why the public is so fascinated by the pictures. 

"There's a beautiful storm in the background, and it's not raining a single drop," Patton continued. "The uniqueness of this photo has from so many people around the world, like, ‘How is this real?’"

This story was reported from Los Angeles.