Katy church helps Harvey victims get life back on track

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As people in the Houston area begin the long process of rebuilding their lives, one church has put together a one-stop shop for flood victims that is helping hundreds.

Jerry Edmonson, pastor of The Fellowship in Katy showed FOX4 how a huge network of volunteers was working to help put people's lives back together.

“It was like ants moving, phenomenal organization,” Edmonson said. "They get a form where they can write down what they need."

Flood victims can find everything from a place to stay, to food and clothes.

“I got a blanket, four towels,” said Suzanne Dyson, who said she never thought she’d be in this kind of position. She lives in Canyon Gate, where homes still are filled with water.

“This is overwhelming. I'm used to volunteering and donating, this is great they're doing this,” Dyson said. “I can't think them enough.”

About 1,500 people have cycled through the donation room in just two and a half days. The demand is so high, each person only has 20 minutes to get what they need."

Craig Goluvic also lost everything and is taking advantage of what the church is offering.

“I'm wearing the latest refugee fashion, you have to keep a sense of humor,” Goluvic said. He's thankful that while getting necessities at the church, he can also meet with FEMA officials face to face.

Pastor Edmondson said it's the volunteers making it all happen, and many of those volunteers are kids. Sofia Lopez is only 9-years-old.

"I've been coming for five to six days,” Lopez said. “It makes me so sad to hear people are losing everything they had, memories, everything."

Lopez said she would rather be doing this than playing video games.

“A little smile can spread. Smiles are contagious -- the good contagious.”