KFC surprises single mom who walked 3 miles to work daily with a brand new car

Every day, Crystal Lachance would make her way to work on foot at a local KFC in Oregon to support her 8-year-old son, walking three miles for over a year.

While Lachance may have fallen on hard times, the single mother’s dedication to her job and her family certainly did not go unnoticed, which is why her employer decided to surprise her with a brand new car.

According to a spokesperson for the fast-food chain, Lachance had saved up enough money to finally get a car, but a stroke of bad luck foiled her plans when someone stole the money from her home.

Thanks to a new employee wish-granting initiative within the company called Kentucky Fried Wishes, Lachance received some good news when her manager nominated her to be the next beneficiary of the program.

According to KFC, the program has given more than $20 million to 6,400 restaurant employees and students to help with their education, hardship assistance and personal finance programs.


Crystal Lachance pictured with her brand new car that was gifted to her after her employees noticed she was walking three miles to work for over a year. (KFC)

“I just really appreciate Crystal so much and seeing her struggle with things really got to me,” said Lachance’s manager.

“I don’t ever want to see anyone struggle or go through a hard time,” the manager added. “I thought this would be a great way to help her and bring her spirits back up.”

Lachance posted thanks to her coworkers on Facebook, saying, “This made my day I have been struggling a lot this year but haven't gave up and have been working very hard.”

She added that the owner of KFC even payed for six months of car insurance for her.

Lachance is thankful to her colleagues for the thoughtful act of kindness, and her employer certainly appreciated her dedication.

“Despite having fallen on hard times recently, Crystal continues to be very outgoing and willing to help others when needed,” said a KFC spokesperson.