Kid starts business to pay for school expenses

Aaron Anderson is 10 years old and has started a rubber band bracelet business that is proving to be profitable.

“You should find out what you’re very good at. If it’s something that you can make and something you can sell, that’s a good way of making your own money. But you have to have the confidence,” the rising fifth grader said.

Aaron’s business, AnderBerry Bracelets, has been in the works for years. This summer it really picked up. His mom, Amy Anderson, started taking Aaron out during his summer break to sell his product. Since school has been out, Aaron has made $1,100 dollars in bracelet sales.

The money he’s earning is going towards college savings and paying for upcoming school expenses, supplies and clothes. Aaron also donates bracelets and money to those less fortunate.

“You know as a single mom, he’s doing something that he’s passionate about and doing something that’s really helping the entire household,” his mother said.

Starting a business has also helped Aaron develop his social skills. Even though he’s working as a salesman this summer, Aaron has long term goals of working in the field of science when he gets older.

The idea for this busienss formed after Aaron attended a church event a few years back, where kids were taught how to make bracelets out of inexpensive items. He took the idea and ran with it.

Aaron has been selling his bracelets in uptown during major events. People can also purchase them online, by clicking here.