People held for ransom in human smuggling case in Kyle

Police have arrested five people in a human smuggling case in Kyle. Investigators say they were trying to ransom the victims for more money from families.

On Sunday, September 17, around 6:30 p.m., police say a relative reported what was happening. Officers responded to a residence on Voyager Cove to monitor while more information was gathered.

While they were there, police say they stopped a vehicle that was leaving the home and detained four people inside.

They determined another suspect was still inside, activated the SWAT team and took them into custody.

Inside the residence, police found five people who had been smuggled across the US border. Once they arrived in the US, police say the smugglers held them for ransom to get more money from their families.

One of the victims has been taken to a hospital.

The five suspects in the case have been identified as 28-year-old Rodrigo Rodriguez-Villanueva of Mexico, 28-year-old Christian Martinez of Mexico, 25-year-old Isaac Briones-Villela of Buda, 17-year-old Carlos Briones of Mexico, and 17-year-old Rogelio Fruto-Sanchez of Mexico. 

All five suspects have been charged with engaging in Organized Criminal Activity and Trafficking of Persons.