Kingwood Park H.S. parents concerned after 2 students were hurt in separate incidents

Some parents kept their kids from attending Kingwood Park High School Friday after altercations on Wednesday and Thursday.

The mother of the boy receiving the blows in one video says the boy beating him is now making death threats on social media. The assault happened Wednesday.


The boy wasn't released from the hospital until Friday afternoon. The mother says the attack was gang related. 

She says that's also the case with Thursday's fracas involving seven students. One student needed medical attention.

"A recent event just happened there this week where there's a kid in the hospital," said Vanessa Rios.

Last month, Vanessa and Edgar Rios' 17-year-old son was attacked. He was left with a concussion and six staples to his head.

"He got pushed into the locker, put in a headlock, rammed into the locker, picked up and body slammed," said Edgar Rios.


Like the mother of the boy the video, Vanessa Rios says her son didn't fight back.

"I feel my son was assaulted. He did not throw a punch, he didn't hit anybody, he didn't push anybody. He was the one who was assaulted, this was not a fight," she said.

The boy who assaulted the Rios' son didn't receive any criminal charges, just a three-day suspension.

"The Humble ISD Police didn't handle it the way it should have been handled. So I am hurt, I am angry, and I think something should be done," Vanessa Rios said.


In a statement to parents, the principal at Kingwood Park High School says the boy in the video is facing consequences. The statement goes on to say these incidents are unacceptable and administrators and police are investigating.

However, some parents question if Humble ISD Police are doing enough to combat the violence.