Kitten stolen from Eden Prairie PetSmart, owners plead ‘bring him back’

A 6-month-old foster kitten named Pencil Case has gone missing from an Eden Prairie PetSmart.

An unscrewed kennel door at the adoption center of the Eden Prairie PetSmart led to startling revelation Sunday – a 6-month-old dilute calico foster kitten named Pencil Case was missing.

At around 3:15 p.m., the male perpetrator was caught on camera prying open the kennel, taking the animal, and exiting the store. Although store footage was able to catch surveillance of the man they determined to have committed the act, exterior cameras were unable to reveal license plate identification.

"We would just like to get our kitten back," said Olson, adoption manager for Ruff Start Rescue, a non-profit that rescued Pencil Case. "Please return her so she can be reunited with her sister and her foster family… Just please do the right thing and return our kitten."

Anyone with information about the abduction is encouraged to contact the office is Officer Williamson of the Eden Prairie Police Department. 

This is the second Ruff Start Rescue kitten that we have gotten stolen from a PetSmart location in the last several months. 

Previously, someone pried back the door on a kennel at a St. Louis Park PetSmart and stole a kitten named Hawkins. It has yet to be recovered.

Both Pencil Case and Hawkins were rescued by Ruff Start Rescue, which partners with local PetSmart's adoption centers.