Korean War hero memorialized in Pflugerville for service and sacrifice

A Korean War hero's sacrifice was honored in Pflugerville.

Servicemen lined First Baptist Church of Pflugerville with flags as loved ones filled the seats of an auditorium to memorialize Major Harvey Storms.
Major Storms fought in the Korean War and was declared missing in action in 1950. He left behind four sons and his wife in South Texas.

Earlier this year Storms' oldest son, Sam Storms, received the news he and his family had been praying for. His father's remains were coming home.
In August of 2018, President Trump met with North Korean leader Kim Jong Un and requested the return of U.S fallen soldiers. 55 cases of remains were returned including Major Storms. 
On Saturday, the Storms family held a memorial service in his honor.

Storms’ granddaughter Melissa Storms Cook described the love and support as overwhelming. "This truly is a prayer that started 69-years ago and its proof that don't give up on God, he's not going to give up on us don't ever give up,” Cook said. 
Storms’ son Ernie Storms said his father’s MIA status weighed heavily on the family. He is a former serviceman himself and understands the sacrifice families make for their loved ones. "I never got to know my dad I was three or four when he went missing,” Storms said. “Family is a huge part of the military and they don't get enough credit." he continued. 
Major Storms' sacrifice was recognized not only by his family but by those directly impacted by the Korean War.

Susan Kee is a Korean War writer. She traveled to pay tribute to Major Storms."I stand here because of the gratitude I feel. Gratitude for the sacrifice of heroes like Major Storms who gave me my life and saved my family during the Korean War. If not for American heroes like Major Storms my family would've been overtaken by the communists and South Korea would not exist today." Kee said. 
Servicemen presented Storms' family with medals from the President, a Silver Star for gallantry in action and a Purple Heart for paying the ultimate sacrifice.

Major Storms will be laid to rest at the Arlington National Cemetery in Arlington, Virginia.