Krispy Kreme adds doughnut shakes to menu

(Krispy Kreme)

( - Just when we thought we couldn’t adore Krispy Kreme any more, they’ve up and invented a new way to enjoy their confections: milkshakes. On Jan. 4, the doughnut chain’s branch in Australia shared the exciting new menu item on Instagram.

“A doughnut you can drink! We took an Original Glazed doughnut & turned it into a Kreme Shake. What's a Kreme Shake? Only the best thickshake you'll have this summer!” they wrote.

Though warm summer weather is months away for U.S., Australia’s summer runs from December to February, The Independent notes.

According to Krispy Kreme’s website, the new treat is available in three flavors: Original Glazed, Classic Kookies & Kreme and Delicious Choc Honeycomb. All of the decadent shakes are “topped with a swirl of fresh whipped cream and toppings” and are available now for purchase in Australia.

The North Carolina chain says the shakes have been a long time coming.

“We have been a popular destination for milkshakes for a long time, and we’ve also seen the ‘loaded shakes’ as a trend. But we thought of our original twist to this, which was to include our own iconic Original Glazed doughnut within the shake,” Krispy Kreme Australia digital marketing manager Jack Minchin told Daily Mail Australia. “We think Australia will love it!”

While Krispy Kreme did not immediately return Fox News’ request for comment as to if and when the beverage will be available stateside, the odds seem hopeful that the donut-laden shakes will migrate to the U.S.

Having recently experimented lately with solar eclipse-centric donuts and even beer, Krispy Kreme is certainly adventerous with their offerings.

At present, only lemonade, hot chocolate and tea are drinks available on their American menu.

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