Kroger ground beef among 35,000 lbs. in meat recalled

A sign identifies the Kroger Co. corporate headquarters July 15, 2008 in downtown Cincinnati, Ohio. Kroger is one of the nation's largest grocery retailers, with fiscal 2007 sales of over $70 billion. (Photo by Scott Olson/Getty Images)

More than 35,000 lbs. of raw ground beef have been recalled by JBS USA, Inc. because it could be contaminated with hard plastics, the USDA reports. 

About half of the meat included in the recall is Kroger ground beef. The packages included in the recall all have a sell-by date of April 9, 2018 and EST. 34176 inside the USDA mark of inspection.

A Kroger official said later on Thursday that no Michigan stores have been affected by the recall. She added that none of the products involved in the recall are still in affected stores, which were in North Carolina, eastern West Virginia, Virginia, Indiana and Illinois.

The Kroger ground beef included in the recall is: 

  • 3-lb. tray Kroger ground beef 73% LEAN - 27% FAT" with product code 95051, UPC: 011110975645
  • 1-lb. tray Kroger ground beef 80% LEAN - 20% FAT" with product code 95052, UPC: 011110969729
  • 3-lb. tray Kroger ground beef 80% LEAN - 20% FAT" with product code 95053, UPC of 011110969705
  • 1-lb. tray Private Selection Angus Beef 80% LEAN - 20% Fat ground chuck with product code 95054, UPC: 011110971395
  • 1-lb. tray Kroger ground beef 85% LEAN - 15% FAT" with product code 95055, UPC: 011110969682
  • 1-lb. tray Kroger ground sirloin 90% LEAN - 10% FAT ground beef and product code 95056, UPC: 011110975638
  • 1-lb. tray Private selection angus beef 90% LEAN - 10% Fat Ground Sirloin with product code 95063, UPC: 011110969637 
  • 1-lb. tray Kroger ground beef 93% LEAN - 7% FAT" with product code 95064, UPC: 01111096920

Other types include All Natural Laura's Lean beef, and JBS Ground Beef Angus Chuck.

The meat was produced March 22, 2018. These products should be thrown away or returned. Check your freezers, too. 

The problem was discovered after the firm got a complaint that someone found blue, hard plastic pieces in the meat. 

You can find more information on the recall from the USDA here