Kyle police looking into alleged sexual assault involving a photographer during school picture day

Kyle police are investigating allegations of sexual assault involving a photographer and students at Kyle IDEA academy and college prep. The school sent out letters to parents and, many still have a lot of questions.

According to IDEA Public Schools, several students came forward accusing a contracted school photographer of inappropriately touching them during picture day.

FOX 7 Austin spoke with a parent at IDEA Kyle academy & college prep who wished to stay anonymous. “I'm definitely asking questions, now I want answers,” said the parent.

She along with other parents received a letter from the school saying they are working with police over an issue with one of their vendors. “When I came to pick up my daughter, they were just handing them out to the cars,” said the parent

Kyle police said they are looking into complaints made by students that a photographer inappropriately touched them during picture day.

“I want to know what happened now because maybe they don't want to create chaos but now I want to know what happened and I want to know if that was my child,” said the parent.

FOX 7 Austin reached out to idea public school, they released this statement.

"Recently, a group of students came forward and accused a contracted school photographer of inappropriately touching them during picture day photo shoots. We are proud of these students for immediately speaking up in an act that will protect the safety of countless other children from across the area. In addition to our safety protocols, educating young people about boundaries and their right to be safe and free of comments or actions that violate them is more important now than ever. We are fully cooperating with the Kyle police department during their thorough investigation and have taken all appropriate actions in accordance with the law and network policy." -Vanessa Barry, VP of Marketing, Communications & Enrollment IDEA

Parents are hoping for more answers for their kids’ sake. “Now I’m like what if she (my daughter) is one of those students that got touched and I wasn't there and nobody told me,” said the parent.

Kyle police is currently investigating the cases. This is still the early stages of the investigation so not many details- like possible arrests are being made at this time.

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