Late teen honored at Dell Children's Medical Center

Deanne Breedlove held back tears as her family unveiled a sculpture made in honor of her son, Ben.

"As a mom to have this reminder is a huge gift and I hope when people see it, it'll make them think of things that they can't see," Deanne Breedlove said.

Ben, 18, died on Christmas day 2011 from a serious heart condition. Before his passing, Ben created a video that detailed his close encounters with death and angels. It was that video which later inspired sculpture Bobby Jacobs to create the angel wing "Gabriel".

"What's stuck in my head is at the end of the video he holds up a card that says 'Do you believe in God or angels? I do.' Then I heard his whole story that he had gone to other places with his illness, a couple of times (he) almost died and he saw angels and a white light," Jacobs, who worked on the piece for over two years, said.

Now art will be the light that continues to shine for Ben's family, friends, and for families seeking the same peace in their time of need.

"From the moment this all began, it was clearly inspired by something bigger than all of us, which is what Ben's message always was," Elizabeth Jacobs, Bobby's wife, said.

"I don't think our son is gone at all. He is completely alive and he might not be here in the flesh but he is here in spirit." Deanne said, "I think it's beautiful because it will remind all of the patients and there families, as they come out to the garden, of hope and how God sends his angels to minister to them."

"Gabriel" is located in the Healing Garden at Dell Children's Medical Center. Ben was a former patient at Dell.