LBJ HS Head Football Coach's fireworks stand gives back and helps others

For Andrew Jackson, selling fireworks has become a family tradition.

"I had kids going through high school, I thought it was a good way for them to make some extra change on the side."

The Athletic Coordinator and Head Football Coach at LBJ High School became an American Fireworks retailer in 2011.

"Chester (Davis) the owner of this property and all of American Fireworks and Big Thunder, his label. He blesses a lot people, he blessed us," he says.

He and his brother started out together, but now it's Just Jackson and his three kids at the helm, at their stand on 290. It's turned out to be a blessing too for other people in the Manor native's community.

"I also looked at it as helping some of my football players some of my coaches."

Some of those fellow coaches and their kids working behind the counter together on a busy Friday afternoon.

"It's about just trying to help someone else a little bit," Jackson says beaming with pride.

"We're trying to teach our young kids how to work and to earn a living."

Like others in Central Texas, his stand is open for eleven days in the summer and thirteen in the winter.

Greeting old friends, like former colleagues and players. Including one of his most recent, Ray Hall.

"He's been somewhat like a father figure," Hall says of Jackson's influence on his life.

He's making new ones too...Hall brought his six month old son to say hello to his former coach.

"This child is beautiful right here," Jackson says with a big smile.

Though customers are coming by in a steady stream, Jackson is never too busy to offer his words of wisdom. Something that Hall will always be grateful for, "It means a lot, it motivates me to keep pushing and to keep trying."

Jackson says he expects to clear out most of his inventory but he measures his success by with more than just how much he sells, "We're always looking down the line, it's not about us, it's about the future of helping our kids."

While it's clear that those around him are thankful for his kindness, on this fourth Jackson is thanking them, "It's a blessing to be able to give back to people you know. Believe it or not they're doing more for me than I'm doing for them."

If you're looking to purchase fireworks, here are some safety tips:

  •     Use in a clear, open area
  •     Light one item at a time
  •     Do not drink and light fireworks
  •     Never light near flammable materials