Leander woman donates active shooter kits to law enforcement

A Leander woman is on a mission to keep officers safe. She's going from department to department to find out what crime-fighting gear they're lacking and, then meeting that need.

Leander PD Lieutenant Derral Partin shows off a new batch of active shooter kits.

The gear features vests with plates made to withstand rifle fire. They're a must these days.

"You see daily on the news there's an active shooter situation. People are getting killed all over the world and so we're not going to take a chance. It could happen here in Leander,” said Partin.

Partin had plans to request the purchase of ten kits, but then he got a call from Marilie Walker. "She said I'll buy you ten right now. Just, I want to do whatever I can do to make sure y'all are safe,” said Partin.

Marilie and her son Carson have since made the same donation to the Williamson County Sheriff's Office.

On Friday the Walkers visited Liberty Hill, county constables and were on their way to Hutto and Taylor when we met up with them. "I want to give back and help protect our law-enforcement,” said Marilie.

Marilie says she felt compelled to take action after seeing the five officers killed in Dallas last year.

"It really, really bothered me,” said Marilie. “Carson's friend is an armor distributor so I contacted him and said what can I do? How can I help? What would protect the officers?"

Marilie started with purchasing active shooter kits. As she meets with officers she is learning of other needs like more breathable shirts to wear under the vests and ear pieces for officers' radios. "I've said anything else you guys need let me know and if I can do it, I will. Right now it's saving their lives and I think the vest is a top priority for me,” said Marilie.

"She's very generous and I think she's got a big heart,” said Partin.

The officers' reactions reassure them of the importance of their efforts.

"I really feels great. They start breaking down and crying,” said Carson.

Marilie continued, “Giving me hugs even hug me they don't think I'm for real they're like really nobody wants to do this and this just a great feeling."

For Leander officers Partin says the vests offer peace of mind. "It's needed. We've got to help our law-enforcement. It's got to stop, these killings, and anything anyone can do to help would be my wish,” said Marilie.