LEGOLAND Florida debuts 'Great LEGO Race' coaster, utilizing virtual reality

Get ready for the Great LEGO Race, a virtual reality rollercoaster which LEGOLAND Florida calls "the most incredible, exhilarating and fun LEGO race ever created!"

The ride is a VR re-imagining of its previous ride called Project. While it ulitizes the same track, the visual experience is completely different.

“What we did is painstakingly map out every inch of this roller coaster. What you feel and what you see are actually in sync with each other. That’s what makes the virtual reality work,” Keith Carr told the Orlando Sentinel.

Carr is a project director of Merlin Magic Making, the creative branch of Merlin Entertainment Group, which operates Legoland parks around the world.

“What we wanted to do was take and enhance the drops and take and enhance the turns, and that’s what the VR allows us to do,” he said.