Libertarian Presidential Candidate Gary Johnson holds rally in Austin

A presidential candidate paid a visit to Austin this weekend, and no it's not Hillary Clinton or Donald Trump. It was libertarian candidate, Governor Gary Johnson.

That name may not be familiar to many, but Johnson is hoping to change that. “70% of Americans who don't even know I am existing, need to know that I exist,” he said.

But from a rally held in downtown Austin, it's clear many in town knows he exists. “It was a packed house, as several hundreds of people holding signs, wearing Johnson/Weld shirts filled the palm door on 6th street. Loren Schneiderman attended the rally and is also the Travis County Libertarian Party Chairman, “They’re all outside, they’re in the back over here, and they have an overflow room across the street.” He along with many others are looking to the libertarian candidate come November to make change. “The definition of insanity is doing the same things over and over and accepting different results, so I think   we've come to a point where we have to change. We are not going to survive,” Schneiderman said.

But to make that change, Johnson a former Governor of New Mexico said he needs one thing. “To win the election, I have to be in the presidential debates,” he said. Johnson must be polling at 15% to be invited to the debates; he's been polling around 9%. While the Monday debate is out of the picture, Johnson said he's focused to get his numbers up and represent those not picking a side. “Right now 50% of Americans when they are going to register to vote are registering as independent. Where is the representation with either the democrats or the republicans?”

He said with him, you won't have to guess the outcome, “Former republican governor two terms, my running mate, former republican governor two terms in states that were heavily democratic.  We were not wallflowers as governors, we would not be wall flowers as President/Vice-President of the United States,” he said.