Limebike recalls certain scooters worldwide

Faulty electric scooters are drawing concerns across the area.

Recently, Limebike recalled several of their e-scooters nationwide after reports they may break. These are scooters made by a company called Okai.

This is just one of many companies who make the scooters for Limebike. “The recall I’m not surprised about it at all because I think that these things break, these things lock up,” said Adam Loewy a personal injury attorney.

Limebike decommissioned their scooters made by Okia after reports of them breaking.

Limebike released this statement:

While the Austin Transportation Department said there are no reports of the recalled scooter in the area, local attorney Adam Loewy said this is just the beginning. “It's the start of many I think. This entire industry is going to be very different in a few years I think you will first see major recalls by the scooter companies because more and more problems will be exposed,” said Loewy.

Loewy has represented several people who've been injured on or by e-scooters in Austin. “The injuries are terrible. I’ve represented people who had broken legs, broken arms, and traumatic brain injuries they are absolutely dangerous products they should not be on the streets,” said Loewy.

Recently he's taken on a few similar cases. “The unique cases are the ones where the scooter self-malfunctions, I have several of those now where people are riding the scooter and the scooter will lock up on the wheel and the person will be thrown off,” said Loewy.

Over in Dallas, Stephen Williams was riding an e-scooter when he says it broke mid ride. “I just go over the manhole cover, it's a pretty well-paved area, I didn't hit it that hard just normal road conditions. As soon as I hit the manhole, it broke in half and then I fell chest first on the ground,” said Williams.

He said he was fortunate enough to be wearing a helmet and hopes these company take safety seriously as he wants to see the popular mode of transportation succeed. Limebike also tells us they are replacing the decommissioned scooters with newer more advanced scooters.