Little girl uses post office to send cake to mother in heaven

When four-year-old Bella wanted to send a cake to her mother who had passed away, the kind people at the post office knew just what to do.

Bella’s mother died unexpectedly two years ago due to a pulmonary embolism, but her daughter still wanted her to have something special to celebrate her 30th birthday. So, with the help of her grandmother, she baked a cake, put it in a box, and addressed it to her in heaven.

Bella’s grandmother says when the workers at the post office heard about the cake, they made a special line for people shipping to heaven only, stamped the box, and guaranteed it would make it to heaven on time.

“She was so happy, she gave me a high-five,” she told Fox 35 Orlando. “She was like, ‘Mommy is going to get her cake. She is going to have a party.”