Local animal shelter in "Code Red" situation, trying to avoid euthanasia

A local animal shelter said their kennels are full and, they need a lot of help. Officials with the Lockhart Animal Shelter said if the situation doesn't change, they will have to start euthanizing dogs as soon as next week.

Walking through the doors of the shelter you're greeted by Tilly, her home right now at the shelter is in the hallways.  Charm a super sweet little girl that lives up to her name has taken over an office.

Over in the break room you’ll find Bruce, to keep everyone company while eating lunch.

Everywhere you turn, there seems to be a dog in places you normally wouldn't see at the shelter. 

Monica Parra is a Senior Animal Control Officer at the shelter she said they are in a “Code Red” dire situation. They are trying to take care of more than 70 dogs, but only have 52 kennels. In addition to getting creative on places to keep the dogs, staff members are taking home multiple dogs nightly.

But they are running out of room, and with dozens of animals coming in daily, it means difficult decisions could lie ahead. “We are trying to take up as much space in the office as we can before we have to do that heartbreaking part of having to euthanize,” Parra said.

If the situation doesn't change, the shelter which has remained a no kill shelter for more than a year now will have to start euthanizing as early as next week. Those with heartworm and the ones who have been at the shelter the longest are first on the list.

While they are doing better with cats and kittens regarding space, they are calling on the community to help free up an kennel space as summer quickly approaches “Spring into summer is when it starts to get real bad, the cats starts having kittens, and the dogs start having puppies and it's like puppy and kitten season,” Parra said.

They are looking for any help from rescues, fosters, and adopters.

If you would like to see the animals available for adoption, you can click here. 

They are also looking for donations to help with those needing medical treatments such as heartworm, to help them become more adoptable. If you would like to help you can click here.