Local authorities respond to two separate stabbings

Local first responders responded to two separate stabbings this morning.

At first, medics said there were five victims in one incident.

Austin Travis County EMS rushed to Durwood Oak Creek Village Apartments around 9:00 Saturday morning after a report of a stabbing with possibly multiple victims.

A man who lives at the complex says he saw the whole thing.

"It’s something you would see in a movie not in real life - he was bleeding just a few feet from my door. I saw one guy get struck in the head with a machete.”

The witness tells us four guys were outside arguing and after someone was hit in the head with a machete, the man says he quickly called police.

After giving his statement, he told us the whole incident has him shaken up.

“Now I’m worried about staying there kind of I have a stepson that lives on the property and he plays outside and whatnot and those things kind of worry me."

We spoke to another neighbor named Fincher Rosco who's been living at the apartment complex for two weeks. He's a little more optimistic about the area.

“It's not where you live it's how you live. It's much danger uptown as it is downtown."

He believes this could happen anywhere,“There's a certain degree about living anywhere. The way danger is now, people are just spontaneously attacking people."

We're told at least one victim was transported to the hospital. We don't know what condition that person is in. Austin police say one suspect is in custody, and they aren't looking for anyone else.