Local law enforcement reacts to Dallas shooting

Local law enforcement reacts to shooting that left 5 Dallas Police Officers dead and several others in critical condition.

Austin Police Chief sent the following message via twitter.

As I watched our community come together at Givens Park to peacefully gather and demand police accountability in this Nation, I learned of the attack in Dallas against officers protecting the First Amendment Rights of their residents. I pause to pray for the officers who lost their lives and their families and for those still fighting for their lives, their families and colleagues.

I also pray for everyone who has lost their life due to a bad police shooting and/or from all forms of violence. Life is precious and we all have an absolute responsibility to cherish and respect each and every human being. Everyone has a responsibility to respect life and all police officers have an absolute duty to do so.

I started this day with a heavy heart like many Americans and I end it with a heavy heart.



Bastrop PD shared a photo post by Arlington Police.

Leander police posted this photo to their Facebook page.

Round Rock Police made the following post.

San Marcos Police posted this emotional photo.