Local Texas National Guard prepare for deployment

Local men and women serving in the Texas National Guard will be deploying overseas. 

Approximately 350 members of the Texas National Guard have gone through intense training to prepare themselves for the deployment. Families of the soldiers celebrated that hard work at their deployment ceremony at the San Marcos Rattler Football Stadium. 

Deandre Acosta, a Forward Observer for the Gaurd, will be serving his first deployment. "You know it's just something you try to prepare yourself for. In the end, you know you never know how you're gonna feel," he said. Acosta is 23-years-old with a young family and felt compelled to help, "I love this, I love helping out I love supporting. I love our country, our state, you know protecting the people around us." Acosta said.  

For more experienced soldiers at the ceremony, this deployment brings the opprutinity to teach. 

Seargent First Class J-J Houlton has been to Kosovo, Iraq, Afghanistan, and Africa. This will be his 5th deployment.  Houlton says that his desire to give back is what has him returning. "I had some great men ahead of me, paved the way for me, and so that training I want to pass on to the younger generation," Houlton said. 

According to the Guard, these soldiers will be providing rocket missile support overseas.