Longhorn Recycling Roundup

In conjunction with the University, Texas Athletics is supporting and promoting sustainability and environmental causes. It is encouraging fans to do their part in creating a clean and sustainable gameday environment for Longhorns with a goal to "Bleed Orange, Live Green."

Currently there is a Green Initiative for the 2015 baseball season. The numbers so far:

Baseball (thus far)

2015 recycling pounds - 8,440

Cubic yards of landfill space saved - 14

Gallons of oil saved - 1,604

Gallons of water saved - 29,540

Estimated Landfill cost avoidance - 148


Total 2014 Game Day recycling pounds - 103,340

Cubic yards of landfill space saved - 171

Gallons of oil saved - 19,635

Gallons of water saved - 361,690

Estimated Landfill cost avoidance - 1,808

You can learn more about the initiatives here.