Longhorn Village retirement community treated to social-distancing Easter parade

Since March 10, residents at the Longhorn Village retirement community have been social distancing because of COVID-19. 

Residents have been unable to see their family, and friends in-person. “We get to see [neighbors] from our balconies some, but we’re not allowed to really get together.” said resident Kaye Patterson. 

Easter Sunday, Patterson and her neighbors were given a spectacular social-distancing reunion — an Easter and Passover parade, starring their family and friends. 

“I think keeping in touch with each other is a big help,” said Patterson. 

Cars were decorated with balloons, chalk, ears -- even inflatable rabbits. “Oh! To see all the children so excited and wishing us well and the cars were decorated so cutely,” Patterson said. 

“We know that it’s been a month and it’s starting to get really hard and especially the holidays are challenging to not be with your family and loved ones so this was a way to brighten everyone's spirits let the families be able to see their parent and loved one,” said Dawn McQuainSales and Marketing Director at Longhorn Village. 

Patterson says she has “great hope” for “what is gonna happen after this is all finished.” Adding, “You know, at our age, I don’t think we’re that afraid. It’s a virus, we’ve seen many of them in the past SARS whatever, we know we’re gonna get through this.”