Low river levels in New Braunfels don't stop folks from taking a plunge this 4th of July weekend

Curtis Nichols and his family hit the road Saturday morning to take a dunk in Rivers Acres Park in New Braunfels. 

"Just jumping in the water cooling off. Trying to avoid the heat as much as we can," Nichols said.

He says they usually make the trek a few times a year, but this weekend feels different. The water levels in the river are typically higher. In some areas where people would normally swim, they sat down in chairs in the middle of the water.

"So it's definitely low but acceptable for today I guess," he said.

Shane Wolf, the general manager at Rockin R River Rides, five minutes away from Rivers Acres Park agrees. He says over the last 60 years they've trended downwards as far as water levels go. He says it's either too much, or not enough water. But it isn't stopping families from enjoying the sun and cooling off.

"So we are definitely lower than what we usually are in the past, but we still have a great and enjoyable float, the water is cool and the people are coming,” Wolf says.

Wolf says even though the river levels are lower than normal, it doesn't interrupt the three hour relaxing ride.

He says people don't have to stop to walk and can really enjoy their 4th of July weekend.

Rockin' R River Rides says the water there stays at 70 degrees year round. So they feel people are grateful to take a plunge no matter how low the river gets.