Mail in ballot lawsuit filed against Gov. Abbott

Another lawsuit has been filed against Texas Governor Greg Abbott over his order limiting ballot drop off locations for mail-in ballots.

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“Just blatant voter suppression. There is really no reason in the world why counties should be limited to one drop off site for mail ballots. All around the country we are seeing vote by mail access expanded, to where they are letting basically anybody vote by mail if they are afraid for their health,” said Anthony Gutierrez with Common Cause Texas.

It’s a non-partisan organization teaming up with a voter and the Anti-Defamation League to sue the governor over the order calling it voter suppression and an abuse of power.

 “Ultimately this means the voters of Texas will have another obstacle with exercising their right to vote and unfortunately will have to weigh their health against that right to vote and that’s nothing that people should ever have to do,” said Mark Toubin with ADL.

FOX 26 contributor Charles Blain says the governor is actually helping voters.

“This argument, we keep hearing it that he is trying to suppress the vote and limit access to the ballot. Truly if you look at the statues that he is suspending through his proclamation, he is expanding ballot access. One of the statues that he suspended allows 3 weeks of early voting instead of two. The other one that he suspended allowed for extended drop off time for ballot by mail.”

This lawsuit was filed in the district court of Travis County.

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