Majority of AISD schools meeting state required standards

The East side's Norman Elementary has come a long way.

“Norman had been an improvement required school for two years in a row, the previous two school years, this year it's not improvement required, it's earned four distinctions,” said Gilbert Hicks, AISD associate superintendent.

It was a happy outcome after a rough two year streak. The Texas Education Agency's preliminary ratings have four Austin ISD schools on that needs improvement list now, they are Burnet, Martin and Mendez middle schools, and Govalle Elementary.  Three of these schools are in the southeast and east part of town.

“We have to get better at targeting our areas of focus, mid-year and not let it go throughout the year, come back and say we ‘coulda, woulda, shoulda,’ said Dr. Paul Cruz, superintendent.

In Texas, the accountability system labels schools with met standard, met alternative standard, improvement required, or not rated.

The good news is 117 of 130 campuses have the rating, met standard or alternative standard, the highest ratings. Plus, the number of schools failing to meet these standards has been cut in half, since last year.

It really is about making sure that we know exactly what every student has learned, or has not learned.

Mendez is a school officials will pay close attention to. It made the "improvement required’ list for four years. The state could step in if something doesn't change.

“All hands on deck at Mendez Middle School. We have new leadership team, we also have new teachers."

They are hoping Mendez, and the other schools  can have the same bright  outcome as Norman did.