Man arrested after pulling out shotgun in road rage incident

Imagine driving down the road: stopping at a stop sign and, then having the driver behind you: follow you and, threaten you with a shotgun. That's exactly what happened to one Austin woman on her way to Chase Bank.

Tuesday, April 26 the African-American victim who wants to remain anonymous says she was driving down bell boulevard in Cedar Park about to make a deposit at a bank, when the driver behind her became angry when she stopped at the stop sign and followed her. Police believe that man is 29-year old Joshua Mazingo. They say it's not uncommon. They say they get road rage incidents sometimes two and three times a week, some more severe than others.

According to the victim, while parked at the bank, Mazingo pulled out a black pistol grip shotgun and waved it at the woman. He even removed a shell from the magazine and cocked the gun. He then said "Texas White Boys with kids carry guns."
Police were called, and caught up with Mazingo later on and arrested him after he confessed.

“The other party was ok and no-one was injured so we were able to jump on that very quickly,” Sgt. Jessie Campbell, Cedar Park Police Department, said.

Records show the court ordered a mental assessment for Mazingo, suggesting he may be unstable. He remains in jail.

“The Austin area certainly isn’t a stranger to road rage incidents, we had one go viral earlier this year.

That very-public tango happened in South Austin on Slaughter Lane. The two dueled with a bat and another blunt weapon. Police say road rage has gone passed the usual.

People are taking it to the next level. The victim says she's glad she still alive. Police say do what you can to avoid an angry driver. Change lanes, or just let the aggressor pass by and never get out of your car. It could save your life.

According to Williamson County court documents, Mazingo will have his day in court on May 25. He has been charged with aggravated assault with a deadly weapon.