Man arrested for sexually assaulting seven-year-old girl

UPDATE: The Lone Star Fugitive Task Force has arrested a man accused of sexually assaulting a seven-year-old girl. Police officers with the Austin Police Department had discovered three videos on Flores' cell phone showing him sexually assaulting the young girl after they responded to an incident last month. 

Flores is charged with aggravated sexual assault of a child. 

He is being held in the Travis County Jail on a 100-thousand dollar bond. 



The Lone Star Fugitive Task Force is looking for a man accused of sexually assaulting a seven-year-old relative. They're warning the public in hopes of stopping him before he has a chance to re-offend.     

The Austin Police Department responded to the incident at the end of last month. Due to the elements of this case, they have asked for assistance from other agencies.

Authorities are trying to track down 26-year-old Martin Michael Flores, Jr. He's charged with aggravated sexual assault of a child. The task force wants to put out as much information as they can.

"So we can get our story out there, before he talks to another associate of his and tries to give his story to where they maybe put him up for a couple of days," says Brandon Filla, Deputy U.S. Marshal.

Austin Police received a call regarding a disturbance at a home off Calmer Cove on September 23rd. A woman told officers she was upset that her granddaughter was molested by Flores, a known relative. Police were also made aware of three videos on his cell phone, reportedly showing Flores sexually assaulting the seven-year-old girl.

"The video footage is something that's beyond human decency to share with the public. It's very disturbing. This is a victim that was known to Flores. So yea, I think that's someone in and of a danger itself of what he's capable of doing, or what he could be capable of doing, to the next victim," says Filla.

Flores, Jr. is believed to be in the greater Austin area and most likely using public transportation to get around. 

"We've interviewed many known individuals to Flores. At this time, we don't feel that anyone would be harboring him. Nobody close to him would be helping him out, just because of the elements in this case and what he's done to this victim," says Filla.

The task force says Flores, Jr is known to carry a weapon. He also has a prior criminal history, which includes narcotics possession and weapons offenses. The Lone Star Fugitive Task Force and the Austin Area Crime Stoppers have posted a reward of $2,100.00 for any tip leading to the arrest of Flores.

If you have any information pertaining to the location of Flores, please contact the Lone Star Fugitive Task Force at (512) 800-4213 (24 Hours) or your nearest law enforcement agency. Your identity will remain anonymous.