Man asks for public's help in finding stolen prosthetic leg

A homeless man in Austin is asking for the public's help after someone stole his prosthetic leg while he was sleeping.

It isn’t easy for Christopher McDonald to get around.

For ten years he’s relied on a prosthetic leg but recently that’s changed.

“I’m already out here I already have nothing they took the one thing that would give me the things I needed,” said McDonald.

In 2009 McDonald lost his lower leg to a malignant tumor. He says last month between the hours of 1 and 2 a.m., his prosthetic leg was stolen.

“You know you can’t sleep with it on. I took it off to go to sleep I woke up and it was gone,” said McDonald.

McDonald says he found parts of it near Middle Fiskville Road in North Austin, and he has filed a report with the Austin Police Department but hasn’t heard anything since.

“They have a H.A.L.O. camera here which is the police camera itself, and they haven’t come and told me nothing about it,” said McDonald.

In the meantime he’s been using a donated wheelchair.

McDonald says the theft cost him his job and his security.

“The job I had I lost. I can’t go to work. It’s drastically changed,” said McDonald.

He says living on the streets can be scary and without his prosthetic leg.

“I don’t even feel safe anymore sleeping outside because if they take my leg what else would they do to you?” said McDonald.

McDonald says he’s reached out to several government resources, but says he’s had no luck.

“The state insurance they said I won’t be on it because I’m not on SSI and I don’t have kids and a household and I can’t get it,” said McDonald.

He’s pleading with the public to keep an eye out for his prosthetic leg.

“It’s got a Jordan on it you know it’s got the stars on it. The planets on it,” said McDonald.

McDonald says the prosthetic was custom fit so it's unlikely that someone would be wearing it.

Anyone who has any information is encouraged to contact the Austin Police Department.