Man charged in connection with north Austin sexual assault, robbery

Austin police held a press conference Monday after a man was arrested in connection to a sexual assault and robbery that happened last week in north Austin.

"Today we obviously want to thank the survivor of the attack who helped us out with that information that led to an arrest so quickly,” Det. Robert Krummel with the Austin PD Sex Crimes Unit said.

On April 15, investigators say a woman and a man, later identified by police as 36-year-old Jacob Rodriguez, approached the female victim at the Avesta Solano apartment complex.

"The couple, a male and a female, said they needed directions to a local store,” Krummel said. “After the victim spoke with the couple she returned to the apartment."  
Shortly after, police say Rodriguez knocked on the victim's apartment door, looking for a ride to a nearby store.

"The victim took the suspect to a local gas station he made a purchase than headed back to the apartment complex,” Krummel said.

Police say about 20 minutes after dropping off Rodriguez, the victim heard a knock at her door. 

"She opened the door and the suspect requested to use her cell phone,” Krummel said. “The suspect had entered her residence, pointed a gun at her and forced his way into the bedroom."

According to Austin PD, the victim was assaulted in her bedroom and told that if she did not do what the suspect asked, he would kill her child. Investigators say the 2-year-old who was home at the time was not harmed and that the victim and her child were able to get away when a maintenance worker knocked on the door. 

"The suspect stayed behind and stole the victim's purse,” Krummel said.

Krummel says the case shows the importance of the community and law enforcement working together. 

"The knowledge that she had and she was able to get to us and the community that came through with tips that led to this individual,” Krummel said.

He also says they're relieved to have Rodriguez off the streets. 

"The department did an outstanding job coordinating with other departments to get him off the streets and help keep the community safe,” Krummel said.

Detectives are now questioning the woman who accompanied Rodriguez. There are no pending charges against her, at this time.

Rodriguez was arrested in Caldwell County on unrelated charges and has been charged with aggravated robbery and aggravated assault. Police say he also has outstanding warrants in Baytown.