Man in clown mask arrested, family says it was a misunderstanding

Manor police says Thursday, a concerned citizen called them and said a man in a clown mask was walking around knocking on doors along wheeler street in manor. His mother says otherwise.

“He wasn't threatening anybody, knocking on people's doors, said the suspect, Lavalle Ross’s mother.

Morales didn't want to talk on camera, but she says her son Lavalle was born with a brain disorder, and then a head injury in May only worsened his condition. She say’s this caused him to not be able to think clearly.

“He bought it because he thought it was going to be a scary costume. He did not know about the dangers of the clowns going around,” she said.

When police arrived they arrested 18-year old Lavalle Ross and his friend Crista Estrada. Ross had the mask off at the time. They arrested Ross for a marijuana possession charge and Estrada on a terroristic threat charge completely unrelated to this case. Raymond Salazar says you can never be too careful.

“It's happening all over the United States, and it's nothing to say they're just playing around. Whatever, no! He's got friends I'm sure, who know right from wrong, that still doesn't justify it,” said Salazar.

“It kind of put me at ease knowing it was a false alarm,” said Latonia Grubbs, a concerned citizen.

Grubss lives an Elgin, and says a neighbor had a run in with clowns too.

“There were some clowns that were in our subdivision that apparently were going around harassing some little kids,” said Grubbs.

It's a fad that shows no signs of slowing down. Thursday Bastrop ISD police arrested a group of kids for making clown threats. 

“We had the attack at Texas State, there have been threats made to local schools, so police are treating those attacks and threats very seriously,” said Sgt. Craig Struble, Manor Police Department.

Lavalle Ross simply didn't understand what he was doing. He and Estrada will not face charges on this, but we won't know what comes of their other charges, until they have their days in court.