Man steals Christmas 'Minion' and it's caught on camera

A Grinch swiped a Christmas decoration from the front of a business. But it's not just an ordinary decoration, it's a 4-foot Minion.

The Christmas Minions are somewhat of a fixture in front of Eaton Chiropractic in downtown Kennesaw.  

"We do Minion everything, we do Minion Christmas, Minion Thanksgiving, Minion Easter, we do it all," said Cris Welsh of Eaton Chiropractic.

But when Cris Welsh showed up for work Monday morning, one of the Minions, Kevin, was missing. At first, she assumed with all the rain and wind overnight, one of them just blew away.  Then she checked her surveillance video. In the video, she could see a young man walk up to the front of her office at 3 a.m. and steal the Minion.

"At first I was like, 'Are you kidding me?' He kept yanking and tugging it, and then he runs off, like waddles off with it. For the first 5 minutes I was really ticked off, because I felt violated, right here at my office," said Welsh.

In the spirit of the holidays, Welsh decided to turn this near Christmas catastrophe around and instead of being angry, she decided to have a little fun with it. She put a Missing poster on social media and has a very good description of Kevin the missing Minion.

"Kevin has two eyes, a couple of sprouts of hair, he's wearing a Santa hat and he has a candy cane in his right hand.  He's 4 feet tall and very yellow," said Welsh.

She'd like to see Kevin returned and home for Christmas. But isn't holding out a lot of hope.

She says she has no plan to press charges against the young man but would like to see him do some community service.

"We do a lot with the community, we could find some community service for him to do," said Welsh.

Two local breweries, Dry County and Burnt Hickory Brewery have both offered to pay bar tabs for Kevin's safe return.