Man wearing 'Team Jesus' shirt wanted by police

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His shirt may read "Team Jesus," but he is far from doing the work of the Lord.

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Henry County Police said the man, seen in photos released Wednesday by police, shot out the window of a police car at the Highway 138 Package store in Stockbridge on March 24. The man was caught on camera inside and outside the store wearing that very notable shirt.

Police said the officer was working an extra job as security. He was not in the patrol car at the time.

"You know you wouldn't expect this to be a planned event, something spur of the moment because he's so obvious, so we got a lot of clues that can help us identify this guy," said Capt. Joey Smith, Henry County Police Department.


Surveillance video shows the man firing a weapon from the driver’s seat of his SUV and into a Henry County police car. Investigators are not sure if it was a pistol or pellet gun the man was using.

Police said he was driving a black SUV with a light-up confederate flag and red lights in the grill.

Police said they would like to get this man off the streets and find out what his beef is with officers that caused him to open fire into one of their vehicles.

"Especially if he's willing to target law enforcement, then he's willing to target anyone," said Capt. Smith.

The man could face serious charges. Anyone with information is asked to call the Henry County Police Department.