Manley confirmed as permanent Austin Police Department Chief

The Austin City Council has unanimously decided to confirm Brian Manley as permanent chief of the Austin Police Department.

Austin hasn't had one since Art Acevedo left for Houston which was nearly two years ago.

The position has been open for 19 months and recently City Manager Spencer Cronk said that Manley was his only pick for the job. Cronk reportedly picked Manley for a number of reasons. 

Manley is a local. He moved to Austin at a very young age and grew up here. He's also been with the Austin Police Department for nearly three decades.

Many, including Cronk, believe Manley has handled the interim chief responsibilities properly. During Manley's time he's navigated the department through the collapse of its crime lab, the breakdown in contract negotiations and the two week terror brought on by the serial bombings.

City Council members made the confirmation just before 11:30 a.m.