Manor ISD offers advice to parents on remote learning

Remote learning has been hard on everyone involved and one local principal says she understands the struggles educators and parents are facing. She's offering some advice on what she's learned as both a mom and a school staffer.

The new normal of being a parent, managing a child in their virtual classroom, and working has a lot of parents feeling stressed.

Presidential Meadows Elementary School Principal Laura Krcmar is a mom of three and she says students aren't the only ones having to learn and that it's now more important than ever that kids are looking to parents to be role models in learning, handling mistakes, and adapting.


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For parents who may be feeling lost, Krcmar suggests reaching out to your child's teacher or principal for any sort of help or to address a concern. She emphasizes that educators are new to navigating these times too but they're also there to assist.

Krcmar says she's been impressed with how well her students are managing the technology that's been provided. 

Another tip? Krcmar says it's important to find a schedule that works for the family.

She reminds parents that it's normal to have emotion and worry when it comes to something that affects their kids. 


"We have our own jobs pulling at us. We have our children pulling out us. I sort of (have) given up the idea of work, life balance," Krcmar says. "It doesn't exist anymore. It's not the world we live in and we just have to be present in the moment."

The CDC also has recommendations to make things easier and says parents should try to attend any of the school's virtual meetings, created a schedule with their student if they haven't already, and find a distraction-free space for their child to learn.