Man's last wish fulfilled in middle of terminal cancer battle

An Austin-based organization is helping a music-loving man fulfill his last wish as he battles brain cancer.

"Swan Songs" prides itself on bringing the concert to music lovers like Steve Bruce of Rosedale.

Sometimes, something as simple as a song can bring back a whirlwind of memories. “She Ain’t Going Nowhere” by Guy Clark is one of Steve Bruce's favorites.

He still knows the lyrics. Stevie has been battling an aggressive brain cancer over the last year.

“It's been sad and it's also been hopeful,” said Clara Wood, Steve’s daughter.

His family partnered with "Swan Songs,” an organization that fulfills musical wishes for people with a terminal illness.

“We know that this disease will eventually take Stevie from us,” said Wood.

Stevie Bruce lived in Austin for 38 years. Here he is pictured with his wife at the Kerrville folk festival in the 1970's. She passed away ten years ago. His family knows him as a gentle giant, who worked as a web developer by day, but was a talented musician by night.

As the duo plays "Navajo Rug"  Clara reflects on the teenage years with her dad.

“He sang it for us three or four times a week for years and years. We would beg him to sing Navajo Rug,” said Wood.

Being the musician he is, when the guitarists strum the guitar. It makes Stevie forget what he's going through, just for a moment.

“I feel good,” said Bruce.

Bob Marley once said "one thing about music, when it hits you, you feel no pain."

"Swan Songs" started back in 1992 when the founder was invited to sing for a vibrant 40-year old man who was dying.  Ever since then, their mission continues to spread across the live music capital of the world.

You can learn more about the organization here.