Fort Worth dad uses TikTok to lead police to son's suspected killer

A grieving father says his pursuit for justice and videos he posted on TikTok helped lead police to his son's suspected killer five months after the murder happened. 

20-year-old Martin Ramirez-Lopez sits in jail charged with the November murder of 19-year-old Luis Carlos Laguna Jr.

For months, Luis Laguna Sr. went on TikTok, searching for his son’s killer. 

Luis’ son, who went by Carlos, was murdered inside his truck after a November ranch concert in Fort Worth. 


Carlos was enrolled at Tarrant County College and planned to join the Navy, just like his father. 

Earlier this month, Luis received a call from a Fort Worth detective and posted the update he’s been waiting for. 

"They found the guy that shot Carlitos and made the arrest," he told his TikTok viewers.


Ramirez-Lopez now sits in the Tarrant County jail on a murder charge. 

Fort Worth police wouldn’t release any additional details about what led up to the arrest, but Luis says police told him his videos helped.

"He said the TikTok videos did it. He said someone saw the videos and came forward with information," Luis said. "I felt that was the only way I could do justice for him because there was nothing I could do to protect him. As a father, that really hurts me. Because a father should be there to protect his family."


According to the Laguna family, Carlos and his friends got into an argument another group as everyone was leaving. 

At the time of the shooting, Fort Worth police told FOX 4 witnesses wouldn’t identify the shooter. 

"The weeks went by. Weeks turned into months, and then still nothing," Luis said.

Five months later, that changed. 

Luis says he’s forever thankful. Now, his focus is the next stage: meeting his son’s accused killer in court. 

"It means the world to us, me and my family," he said. "This guy is finally off the streets. He can’t do this to anybody else. Thank you from the bottom of my heart."

There was some sort of argument leading up to the murder, but the motive is still unclear. 

It’s still unclear why Ramirez-Lopez pulled the trigger. He remains in the Tarrant County jail.