Matthew McConaughey addresses UT students in a heartfelt video amid coronavirus outbreak

Actor and part-time UT professor Matthew McConaughey addressed the University of Texas Austin community amid the COVID-19 outbreak with a heartfelt video on Friday morning. 

"Crazy times, huh? We're all in them, let's remember that. Let's also remember this too shall pass. We're going to get through this, keep that in mind when you start getting frustrated with any lifestyles of change. We are going to get through this if we help ourselves and help each other," McConaughey said. 

McConaughey addressed students and student-athletes via the Texas Longhorns twitter account

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McConaughey urged students to be responsible, telling them in part that when someone looks after themselves, they are also looking after one another, "We need you to be as responsible for yourself, and for each other as possible. If I protect myself I'm protecting you. If you protect yourself, you're protecting me. If we protect ourselves, we're all protecting each other." 


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McConaughey also addressed UT student-athletes, asking them to maintain themselves for "These seasons are going to come back though. To all the athletes out there, make sure you're taking care of yourselves right now too. So when it is time to come back in you don't have as much to makeup, you know, physically, mentally, spiritually. And that goes for all of us..."  

He ended the video by telling students that the "eyes of Texas" are upon them and that UT Austin should come out of this pandemic leading the way. 

"Let's come together, unite. Let's come out of this leading the way. Let the rest of the world look at what we're doing here in Austin at the University of Texas and say, oh, that's how you handle a crisis, that''s how you just keep living. That's how you hook 'em, baby." 

Watch the full video below:



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