Matthew McConaughey announces upcoming virtual benefit to help Texas

In a video posted to Twitter Sunday night, actor and native Texan Matthew McConaughey announced that a virtual benefit is in the works to help Texans after the recent winter storm.

McConaughey says he is working with his wife Camila and their just keep livin Foundation to put together the virtual benefit within the next two weeks.

"Yes, as most of you know, my home state of Texas was just hit with the worst winter storm it's had in the last 70 years. It left a whole lot of people without power, without water, and without a whole lot of basic necessities," McConaughey said. "And while most of the power's thankfully been restored, the busted water lines from hospitals, to so many homes, has left so many Texans without the bare necessities they need to survive."

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In the video, McConaughey says the couple is presently working with organizations on the ground in Texas but is putting the benefit together to "directly help the necessary long-term effort to rebuild Texas and take care of those in need."

McConaughey also said that he will be making daily Instagram posts letting Texans know how to keep safe, find resources, help volunteer and support others, as well as provide checklists to help residents do all they can and need to do to stabilize, rebuild, and get back to living.

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He also stressed the need for Texans to check on their neighbors and to support each other following the winter storm and during the rebuilding effort. "If you're a have, please help out a have not, there's a bunch of them in your neighborhood, across the street, wherever you can get to," McConaughey said. "If you can, it is needed, please do."

Millions of Texans experienced statewide power outages and a water crisis is unfolding after winter storms wreaked havoc on the power grid and utilities last week.

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Record low temperatures damaged infrastructure and froze pipes, and Texas officials ordered 7 million people — one-quarter of the population of the nation’s second-largest state — to boil tap water before drinking the water.

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Some hospitals in the Lone Star State faced a loss in water pressure and, in some cases, heat, including a handful in Central Texas.